Firm Overview

O2 Planning + Design Inc.(O2) is a multidisciplinary firm of landscape architects, urban and regional planners, urban designers, landscape ecologists, reclamation ecologists, and water resource engineers. Founded in 1991, O2 specializes in the planning and design of rapidly changing and highly valued places. O2 combines creative design with extensive environmental planning and scientific understanding to produce sustainable and inspired solutions that promote ecological, cultural, and economic development.

Our award-winning firm has an international reputation for leading complex creative projects. O2’s unique combination of rigourous analysis, creative design, environmental knowledge, and advanced technology results in solutions that enhance the essential character of the place. The firm is a leader in the use of technology to facilitate planning and public communication processes.

O2's head office is located in Calgary, with offices in Victoria and Edmonton.


Mapping and GIS Services

O2 offers state-of-the-art GIS and mapping services to support planning, environmental assessment, public policy, and design projects. This includes:

  • Coordinating data collection, management, and maintenance
  • Developing custom analytical models
  • Conducting visual impact assessments, habitat modeling, and other spatial analyses
  • Conversion of geospatial data
  • Quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) of geospatial databases
  • Developing web-based mapping products
  • Designing high-quality hardcopy base and thematic maps
  • Planning long-term GIS data and infrastructure needs


O2 is a world leader in GeoDesign, an emerging field that closely couples Geographic Information Systems (GIS) modelling and impact assessment, with design and visualization tools to produce an integrated planning system. O2’s GeoDesign approach incorporates economic, social and ecological models into a single framework to design, evaluate and visualize alternative development strategies over time. The firm offers a full spectrum of spatial analysis for planning and design areas in both urban and rural environments.


Public Participation GIS (PPGIS)

O2 has developed online mapping platforms that provide unique opportunities for stakeholder engagement. In addition to offering another avenue for the public to access information about plans and projects, online tools can also give multiple opportunities for stakeholders to paricipate in a public process, including:

  • Presenting information about current issues and community resources through geotagged comments, photos, and other information
  • Reviewing community assessments prior to design/planning through interactive maps and models
  • Submitting proposed solutions to identified challenges
  • Providing feedback on draft plans, concepts, and designs

The web-based GIS approaches developed by O2 have allowed for more comprehensive consultation processes that promote participation across the community, especially for stakeholders that may not be as accessible through traditional meetings and workshops. The two-way flow of information possible through online PPGIS can also help clients to integrate information and viewpoints from stakeholders more effectively into final concepts, plans, and designs.



O2’s visualization capabilities range from photorealistic 3D modelling at the detailed urban site, to full regional landscape modelling realistically representing major resource extraction and infrastructure projects. O2 is committed to using the most advanced tools to aid in the design process and to enable the presentation of ideas in an engaging and understandable manner. Simulated environments allow for virtual fieldwork, assessment of various solutions, and communication of multiple concepts to a range of audiences. O2 creates virtual environments at scales ranging from broad regional landscapes to fine-scale project level design.

Contact information

For general inquiries about O2's web mapping capabilities and service offerings, please contact us at info@o2design.com, or call us at (403) 228 1336.

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